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Radioactive Tracers
Because it's easy to detect radiation given out by radioactive isotopes, they're used as

Tracers: radioactive isotopes whose decay is monitored
Medical tracers:

Radioisotopes can be injected into the body to locate problems including cancerous

Iodine-131 is used to detect thyroid problems
Technetium-99 is used to…

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Uses of Radioisotopes in Geology
The fact that some types of mineral in certain rock types contain radioactive elements offers
the potential to estimate the age of the host rock.

They can be used a geological rocks.

If the origin, or parent, radioisotope decays through a series of daughter products…

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Uses of Radioisotopes in Archaeology
Radiocarbon Dating
The carbon-14 isotope occurs naturally and is present along with the carbon-12 isotope in
all living things.

The ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-14 does not change in a living organism, but when
an organism dies the carbon-14 is not replenished and the ratio…


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