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OCR A ­ GCSE Geography
Extreme environments…read more

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What is an extreme
· An extreme environment is one in which it
is hard for people (or other forms of life) to
· Extreme environments can be:
High Cold Toxic
Deep Dry Stormy
Hot Remote Lacking oxygen
Wet Dark…read more

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Why are mountains
· extreme?
COLD: the high altitudes result in very cold temperature. It
gets roughly 1 degree colder for ever 200m higher you get.
The top of everest would be 17 degrees colder than base
camp, and 44 degrees colder than at sea level.
· REMOTE: the mountains ranges can be enormous, and due
to how difficult they are to climb and access, you are on your
own whilst climbing. You have virtually no help available to
· LACKING OXYGEN: as you get to higher altitudes, the air
gets very thin and breathing become incredibly difficult, and in
addition, you become at risk to altitude sickness
· HIGH: the height of the mountains is generally the cause of
the previous reasons. Also, as you get higher there are
greater wind speeds and wind chill, making it more difficult to
climb and cold.…read more

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Where are most mountains
· Most of the worlds mountains are found in
belts, or mountain ranges like the Andes
· These belts are found along plate
boundaries ­ the lines that where the
tectonic plates of the earth meet.
· The plates move in different ways which
create different things, although the most
common are fold mountains.…read more

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How do mountains form?
· The
Bothfirst way which
convergent mountains
and collision form
is by divergent
plate boundaries ormake
plate boundaries.
These the
· Firstly pullplates
apart, move
making the crust
eachthin and weak
· The pressure
plates are which
more is imparted
pliable due to
from the from
the heat magma belowactivity
volcanic the surface
in the
earth the crusts up.
· There
When is a gap
they caused
collide, which is filled
the enormous
by magma.
amount of pressure forces the plate
· upwards,
This makes making
a midfolds,
ocean which
ridgeisin the
ocean,we call
and afold mountains
volcano inland…read more

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Why are there mountains in the
· If mountains are formed on plate
boundaries, why do we have Ben
Nevis and Snowdon here in the UK?
· This is because the UK used to be
on a plate boundary.
· About 400 million years ago, two
halves of Britain were on separate
plates, with the Iapetus Ocean in
between them.
· These plates slowly came together
making the ocean disappear and
formed small fold mountains where
they met…read more

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some very good information! well done - keep it up.....

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