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A2 Economics
Transport Economics
Part One…read more

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Transport, Transport
Trends and The Economy…read more

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Transport: Key Stuff!
The Movement of Goods and People for
Personal and Business Reasons
Mode of Transport:
The means of transport, e.g. Road, Rail,
Sea and Air
Transport Infrastructure:
Anything that provides for the operation
of transport, e.g. motorways, rail tracks…read more

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Transport: Key Stuff!
Passenger Transport:
Transport to carry people
Freight Transport:
Transport to carry goods
Sometimes there is an overlap
between the two…read more

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Key Transport Trends
Significantly increased
Down everywhere except London
Up since the mid 1990's
Significantly increased
HGV (Freight)
Significantly increased…read more

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Transport Demand
Derived Demand:
Transport is demanded for a purpose
rather than for its own sake. It depends
on the final output produced
As the economy grows
Employment rises
And so should transport demand as
more people try to get to work/more
goods are delivered…read more

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