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Biomechanics ­ Linear motion


Linear motion ­ Motion in a straight line in the same speed, distance and direction.

Mass ­ A quantity of matter measured in kilograms (Kg).

Inertia ­ The resistance of a body to change its state of motion.

Weight ­ Mass (Kg) X Gravity (Given…

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First Law - Inertia

A body will remain at rest or at a constant speed until an external force is applied.

E.g. A 100M sprinter will remain in the blocks at rest until an force is applied to the blocks.

Second Law ­ Acceleration

The rate of change in momentum…

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A ­ B = A football player would accelerate to chase
an opponent. The football player would then
decelerate as they approach the opponent.

B ­ C = The football player stops to tackle the
opponent to get the ball.

C ­ D = The football player accelerates in the…


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