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(2001)…read more

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In all cultures, young males appear more often in crime
statistics than any other groups
Although, females do commit crime, the figures are far
The male hormone testosterone has been cited as a factor
in male violence as it does influence levels of aggression
Daly and Wilson noticed that young male offenders had a
`short term horizon'
This means that these individuals want instant gratification
They have a short lifespan due to the risky behaviour that
they engage in
Evolutionary theories suggest the male role of hunter,
predisposes them to more risky behaviour than females…read more

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AIM: To examine the gender and age patterns in
crimes of violence
Cross sectional snap shot study
Analysis of police data records
The study reviewed homicidal conflicts in Detroit in
1972, analysing age and sex of offenders and victims
The study found that homicide was an
overwhelming male affair- Unemployed and
unmarried young men
Most homicides concern status competition
(showing off, jealousy, retaliation)…read more

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Daly & Wilson place their findings firmly on the
evolutionary framework
They argue that dangerous, confrontational conflict
is not unique to humans but is widespread across the
animal kingdom…read more


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