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B4 ­ Homeostasis ­ Answers
1. Homeostasis: the maintenance of a constant internal environment so that cells can function properly, through
automatic control systems. The body must maintain:
body temperature at 37°C
the correct levels of water and salt
control the amounts of nutrients
take in enough oxygen for respiration…

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12. At a low body temperature:
The increased rate of respiration stimulated when muscles contract rapidly (shivering) results in some
energy transferred in respiration warming the surrounding tissues
Blood vessels supplying the capillaries of the skin constrict (vasoconstriction) restricting blood flow through
skin capillaries which reduces energy loss.
13. Heat…

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22. For the cells of our body to work properly, it is important that their water content is maintained at the correct
level. This means our body must maintain a balance between the water we take in and the water we lose. This is
done by the kidneys.
23. Blood…


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