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C1 ­ Air Quality…read more

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The Earth's Atmosphere
Nitrogen ­ 78%
Oxygen ­ 21%
Argon ­ 1%
Carbon Dioxide ­ 0.04%
Water Vapour ­ 0-4%…read more

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Human Activities Causing
Sulfur Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Monoxide
Carbon Particulates
Coco NoSo…read more

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Main Air Pollutants Problems
Name Problem It Causes Concerns/Problems
Carbon ·Buildings to be dirty
·Asthma worse
·Breathe into lungs
·Make lung infections
Carbon Monoxide ·Poisonous gas ·Changes oxygen level in
·Reacts in the blood the blood
·Can kill you ·People with heart
infections will suffer and it
will make it worse
Nitrogen Dioxide ·Can make asthma worse ·Some people suffer from
·Breathing problems asthma
·Acid rain ·This will make asthma
Sulfur Dioxide ·Acid rain ·Kill a lot of wildlife…read more

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In A Power Station Furnace
They either burn Coal (carbon) or natural gas (methane)
Hydrocarbon splits and reacts with oxygen from the air
C + O2 CO2
H4 + O2 2H20
Other pollutants formed are
Sulfur Dioxide some sulfur in fuel
Particulates unburned bits of carbon
Nitrogen Monoxide nitrogen in the air formed with oxygen at a high
Carbon Monoxide burnt when there is not enough oxygen…read more

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Complete Combustion
Combustion is a fast chemical reaction that reacts
with oxygen. This will then cause heat and some
C + O2 CO2
Fuel Oxygen
Incomplete Combustion
This occurs when there is not enough
oxygen. Source of Heat
C + O CO
Nitrogen Monoxide is produced when high temperatures
during fuel combustion cause nitrogen to react with oxygen
Petrol, diesel and fuel oil hydrocarbons…read more

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