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A2 Philosophy
Life after Death
Key Scholars
Survival of death
What exactly survives? is it possible/coherent?
Nature of personal identity is debatable
Dualist - soul and mind are separate
o body is physical / mind is immaterial
Monist - minds existence is dependent on the body
o soul and body are one
o Personal identity is linked to the body
Mind/body relationship questions link between decision and thoughts
Descartes- `I think therefore I am'
Monists are sometimes materialists - one physical being
Plato - Dualist
Soul is immortal - body is mortal
Soul is set free at the end of life - imprisoned in the body
Learning is just recall from WoF
Negative view of the body - distracts the soul from seeking knowledge from WoF
True philosophers avoid distractions from the body
Chariot and horses analogy
Description of the soul
Simple and without parts
Complex when spoken about in the body - different aspects of the soul - diamond
o Reason
searches for truth

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Spirit -can be trained
being honourable
o Desire/Mercenary - seeks pleasure for yourself (- costs money)
necessary - food
unnecessary luxury items
perverted desires
Evidence for this comes from conflict between aspects of the soul
Kenny- example of child having a tantrum - not being directed by reason
Injustice comes from disharmony in the soul
Argument that supports doing things because they are good for you not for materialistic benefit
Does the soul exist?
Plato - Phaedo - immortal soul exists before body…read more

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Platos theory relies on the theory of forms but this has not been proven - could undermine the whole theory
cycle of opposites - black does not bring about white
Myth of Er
Story of soldier who died and came back to life
explains the afterlife - a journey where we are judged on moral decisions we have made then rewarded or punished
Aristotle and the Soul
Opposite to Plato
The soul is the form/shape of the body
It is not a substance - e.…read more

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Conscious cannot be…read more


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