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A2 Philosophy
Life after Death
Key Scholars

Survival of death

What exactly survives? is it possible/coherent?

Nature of personal identity is debatable

Dualist - soul and mind are separate

o body is physical / mind is immaterial

Monist - minds existence is dependent on the body

o soul and body…

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rules the soul

o Spirit -can be trained


being honourable


o Desire/Mercenary - seeks pleasure for yourself (- costs money)

necessary - food

unnecessary luxury items

perverted desires

Evidence for this comes from conflict between aspects of the soul

Kenny- example of child having a tantrum - not…

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Platos theory relies on the theory of forms but this has not been proven - could undermine the whole theory

cycle of opposites - black does not bring about white

Myth of Er

Story of soldier who died and came back to life

explains the afterlife - a journey where…

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Conscious cannot be


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