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Module 3: Biodiversity and Evolution
Genetic variation and environmental variation are linked. In the past century, humans have become taller as a
result of a better diet. But however good a diet you have, you are unlikely to grow very tall if all the rest of your
family are short. This is because the height you can reach is limited by your genes.…read more

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Module 3: Biodiversity and Evolution
As all of the offspring are different, some may be better adapted than others. The better adapted individuals
obtain enough food and survive long enough to reproduce, passing on their characteristics to the next
generation. The less well adapted individuals are likely to die before they reproduce, therefore the population
does not grow indefinitely. Over a long period of time, a number of small variations may arise.…read more

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Module 3: Biodiversity and Evolution
(i) outline how variation, adaptation and selection are major components of evolution
(j) discuss why the evolution of pesticide resistance in insects and drug resistance in microorganisms has
implications for humans
1. There is genetic variation is a population of bacteria/plants as mutation has occurred spontaneously meaning
some bacteria/plants are naturally resistant to antibiotics/pesticides.
2. The selective pressure for the population of bacteria/plants is the antibiotic/pesticide.
3. The bacteria/plants with resistance will survive.
4.…read more


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