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OCR C2 ­ Metals and Alloys
Amy Kelly…read more

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Extracting Copper
· Impure copper can be purified in the
laboratory using an electrolysis cell
· Negative ­ gives away
· Positive ­ Takes atoms, turns them into ions.
· Key words: ANODE CATHODE…read more

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Ways to remember ANODE/CATHODE
P Positive
A Anode
N Negative
I Is
C Cathode
Just think of Brendon Urie…read more

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Advantages of recycling Copper
· Low melting point ­ costs less to melt
· Reduces need for mining ­ saves reserves and
reduces environmental problems caused by
· Keeps the cost of copper low.…read more

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Disadvantages to recycling copper
· Small amounts in electricals are hard to separate
· Valuable pure copper scrap must not be mixed with
less pure scrap like solder
· Less mining- less jobs
· Process of separation may cause pollution
· It's hard to persuade people to recycle copper so lots
is thrown away.…read more

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What is used in electrolysis?
· An electrolyte of copper sulfate solution
· Anode which loses mass as the copper
· Cathode which gains mass as the pure
copper is plated onto it.
· The concentration of the electrolyte stays
the same as the happenings at the
anode/cathode happen at the same rate.…read more

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