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Where are coral reefs found?
Shallow water <25m
Temperatures 24-26C
Salt water
Around the tropics
South Pacific
SW Africa
Uses of coral reefs
Exploitation for fish: 4000 species, 25% of world's fish, 25% of world's commercial fish
Shoreline protection: protect from storms,…

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Habitat destruction: animals have to migrate and may not be able to adapt, resulting in a
decline in their numbers or possible extinction
Pollution: damages nutrient cycles and depletes oxygen resulting in dead zones

Climate Change
Higher temp. kills algae resulting in coral bleaching
Extreme weathers e.g. storms…

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Areas are sectioned off for specific purposes: yacht mooring, marine reserves, recreational
areas, fishing priority areas and dive sites.
Numbers, sizes and diversity of fish species have increased.
Many stakeholders are now involved in marine conservation.
However, area has become so popular that marine environment is threatened by mass

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and exploit without states also have exclusive control over living resources "attached" to the
infringing legal status of continental shelf, but not to creatures living in the water. This means that
water and air above. all states can fish in this zone so overfishing is more likely.

UNCLOS addresses ocean…


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