Observations on group 1 and 7 metals

Need for core chemistry 1 WJEC OR AQA ( SIMILAR)

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Observation of some group 1 elements
Element Storage Reaction Reaction Reaction Softness pH Reactivity trend
with air with with
water halogens
Lithium oil Tarnish in Fizz - soft 14 Least
10 secs reactive
Sodium oil Tarnish in Fizzed on 14
5 secs paper
towel+ -
sets on
Potassiu oil Instant Sets on - Very soft 14
m tarnish fire
Rubidium Sealed in Burns Explodes - 14
a gas
caesium Sealed in Burns Explodes Most Very soft 14
a gas reactive
*Francium - Explodes Explodes - - 14 Most reactive
? ?
*So reactive it is not allowed in the school building
Observations of some group 7 elements
Element State and appearance Colour of vapour Reaction with sodium
at room temperature metal
Chlorine Gas Yellow/ green gas Bright orange flame
and white smoke
Bromine Liquid, gives off Dark orange Burns a bit
Iodine Solid, dark grey purple smoldering


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