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Why people obey and resistance to authority…read more

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Reasons why people obey
buffers- This is where individuals are protected from
having to confront the consequences of their actions.
Agentic Shift- This is where a person is given
opportunity to shift responsibility for their actions onto
authority figure.
Gradual Commitment- Person slowly commits to
doing things from reasonable tasks to unreasonable ones.
("foot in door effect").
Socio-Cultural Factors-Experience has taught us
that authorities are generally trustworthy and legitimate.…read more

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Resisting to obey an authority
Disobedient models- seeing other people `rebel' and
resist an authority can encourage others to rebel also.
Responsible feeling- In certain circumstances a person may
feel responsible for their actions or empathetic.
Questioning motifs- Having doubts concerning a persons
legitimacy or knowledge can cause resistance.
Time to think- Taking time to think about what they have
been asked to do may result in refusal.…read more

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Find out if people will obey authority even when required to inflict pain.
Lab Study
Procedure: There was one confederate and one real participant. At start participants drew
lots on who would be learner or teacher. This was rigged every time confederate drew learner
and participant drew teacher.
To memorise pairs of words. When tested learner would indicate
his choice by a light system
Give an electric shock every time learner made mistake. Learner gave mainly
wrong answers and got fake shocks. Each task learner got wrong volts administrated
would go up by 10.
Until learner was silent. He pounded on wall and then gave no
response to next question.If teacher asked to stop experimenter would use prods e.g.
"you have no other choice you must go on". Experimenter continued to volts
or refused to continue.…read more

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participants continued to 450 Internal Validity
Only participants stopped at 300 Lacked mundane
volts . realism
Most people found it stress full.
Under certain circumstances ordinary Ethical issues-participants
people will obey orders to hurt were deceived to the true nature
others even if it means acting of the study.(however,they were
against their consciences. debriefed)…read more




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