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Communication…read more

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Key words
Communication- Passing information from
one person to another
Non verbal communication- Conveying
information from one person to another
through actions and gestures e.g sign lang
Verbal Communication- Conveying
information from one person to another
through the use of words and sounds
Paralinguistics- Verbal features which
accompany speech.…read more

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There are 4 types of these they are
Tone of voice
Pauses/ Stress…read more

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Tone of Voice
Argyle, Alkema and Gilmore
A: To see whether tone of voice effects when interpreting a
verbal message
M: Participants listened to friend or hostile messages with a
friendly or hostile tone of voice, therefore some participants
heard a friendly message with a hostile tone of voice and
some a friendly message with hostile tone of voice.
R: When asked to interpret they found TOV has about 5 times
the effect of the verbal message itself
C: TOV is extremely important in how people interpret a
verbal message.
Evaluation >…read more

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Take in other things than just the voice when
interpreting a verbal message. Such as facial
expressions and posture
Carried out in a artificial situation, in a lab.
This therefore lacks ecological validity as
would cause unnatural behaviour due to the
unnatural environment.…read more

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Facial Expression
Eye contact: When people look at each other in
a conversation at the same time.
Pupil Dilation: Pupils in eyes expand and look
large.…read more

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