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Also known as ascorbic acid


Sources include pepper, broccoli, oranges, kiwi, and potatoes


Helps protect cells and keeps them healthy
Might help the body absorb iron from food?

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Found in fish, eggs, powdered milk, cereals and sun light

Promotes strong healthy bones and teeth

Found in plant oils, corn, olive oil, nuts, seeds and wheat grain

RDA 4mg for men a day

3mg for women a day

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Found in vegetables, pork and Dairy foods

RDA 70mg


Helps clot wounds
Helps build strong bones

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Found in green leafy vegetables, nuts, bread, fish, meat, dairy products

RDA 300mg a day for men

270mg a day for women

Helps turn the foods we eat into energy

RDA men 8.7 mg

Women 14.8mg

(Women need more iron than men because they loose more blood each month than…

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Found in liver, lean meats, eggs and dried fruit

Found in fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds, milk and fish


Maintain fluid balance
Lower blood pressure
nerve and muscle functions

Helps form red blood cells
Strong bones and teeth

Found in milk, fish and green leafy vegetables

Helps in muscle…

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Found in salt, sea food, processed foods and celery

RDA 2500mg


Tissue growth and repair

Found in meats, fish, marmite, yoghurt

RDA 15mg

To help move food through the digestive system

Found in fruit vegetables, beans and grains

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RDA ­ 2025mg


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