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Types of Numbers
· There are 5 different types of numbers, they
are the following:
· Square Numbers
· Cube Numbers
· Triangle Numbers
· Powers
· Prime Numbers…read more

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Square Numbers
· Square numbers make squares,
hence why they are called square
· The differences between square
numbers are all ODD.…read more

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Cube Numbers
· Cube Numbers are called cube
numbers because they are like
the volumes of this pattern of
· 1 8 27 64 125 216... Are all Cube
Numbers…read more

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Triangle Numbers
· Triangle numbers like the square numbers is
what is says on the tin, they are numbers that
make triangular shapes mainly equilateral
· There is a formula for working out the nth
term and here it is: nth term = ½ n (n + 1)
· Most of the triangle numbers are part of the 3
times tables.…read more

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· Powers are the little numbers above the big
numbers .
· So 4 to the power of 2 means 4 x 4.
· If you had 4 to the power of 4 it means 4 x 4 x
4 x 4.
· So whatever the power number is that's how
many times you have to times it by it's self.…read more

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Angie campbell


I am a VERY mature student hoping to take my GCSE maths in Nov 2013, tis powerpoint was so helpful as it expained things in a way I understood, thanks you!!

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