Nucleic Acids DNA and RNA

Everything that you need to know about Nucleic Acids DNA and RNA on a single A4 sheet.

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Nucleic Acids ­ DNA and RNA - mRNA carries the genetic code from A-U, G-C No Yes
the DNA to the ribosomes in the present
Nucleic acids are made up from three units cytoplasm. How many 3/4 3/4
joined together to form a NUCLEOTIDE. forms of
The three units are Phosphate group, Transfer RNA: nucleic acid?
pentose sugar (ribose/deoxyribose) and - This is a single-stranded, clobber
nitrogenous base (pyrmidine / purine). leaf shaped molecule.
- It has an amino acid attachment
The Five Organic Bases: point at one end.
Thymine, Uracil and Cytosine are - At the other end it has an Anticodon.
pyrimidine (single rings). T, U and C. - tRNA molecules bring amino acids o
Adenine and Guanine are purines (double
the ribosomes so proteins can be
rings). A and G.
T is only found in DNA and U is only seen in
Ribosomal RNA:
- Found in the cytoplasm.
DNA- Deoxyribonucleic Acid:
- Double-stranded polymer so is a - Large, complex molecule that
- Double helix.
- Pentose sugar is Deoxyribose. MADE UP FROM rRNA AND
- Bases are Adenine-Thymine, PROTEIN.
Cytosine-Guanine and are held by
- Ribosomes are the site of protein
hydrogen bonds.
Functions of DNA:
- Single-stranded molecule. DNA has two functions which are replication
- Contains the pentose sugar Ribose. of cells and carrying proteins for protein
- Bases are Adenine-Uracil, synthesis.
Cytosine-Guanine and are held by
hydrogen bonds. Differences between DNA and RNA:
Characteristic DNA RNA
There are three types of RNA,
- Messenger RNA (mRNA) Ribose Sugar No Yes
- Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) Deoxyribose Yes No
- Transfer RNA (tRNA) Sugar
Double Yes No
Messenger RNA: stranded
- This is a long single-stranded Single No Yes
molecule which forma a Helix. stranded
- It is made within the nucleus. A-T, G-C Yes No


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