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Nuclear Power…read more

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How is it made?
· First nuclear power
station opened in 1956
at Calder Hall, Cumbria,
· Generated using
uranium, a very heavy
metal.…read more

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How much it costs environmentally
· Nuclear fission does not release greenhouse gases. In the UK
without nuclear power stations carbon emissions would
increase 5-12%.
· However in the overall nuclear fuel cycle due to e.g. Mining,
transporting, waste management which uses fossil fuel there
is doubt over the actual quantity of greenhouse gas emissions
released during the cycle.
· During mining process large amounts of water which may
cause shortages in some areas. Also there have been cases
where during mining radioactive material has leaked into
groundwater supplies. E.g. At Vermont Yankee nuclear power
plant, Vermont, US. Feb 2010.…read more

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· 79% of France's electricity is from nuclear.
· 17% comes from recycled nuclear fuel.
· World's largest net exporter of electricity due to low cost of
generation. Energy independent.
· 59 nuclear power plants operated by EDF.
· Example Saint Laurent Nuclear Power Plant.…read more

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Nuclear Waste
· Radioactive material produced is reprocessed for
plutonium which can be used for nuclear weapons.
· Waste = Highly hazardous.
· Storage of nuclear waste in buried concrete
containers only temporary measure. Secure way of
disposing.…read more

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How much it costs economically
· High initial cost. E.g. Olkiluoto Nuclear power
station over 3 billion Euros.
· In China the initial costs are lower.
· Quantities needed are less than fossil fuels
such as coal.
· In areas with access to cheap fossil fuels such
as e.g. Coal in China nuclear power would be
more expensive.…read more

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