delivery policies of the nuclear arms race

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Policy Leaders/advisors Dates Approach to nuclear Impact on effectiveness Why?
weapons conventional weapons
STALIN Stalin 1945 Expansionistic of nuclear Very gained To get rid of nuclear
­ weapons ­ gain power ­ nuclear parity through monopoly which had
1953 expand nuclear stockpile. rapid development of developed huge
Diverts huge resources into A. bomb threat due to
nuclear development. 1953 H. bomb concessions
Following US A-bomb active 1 year after
Spy base/ring active and USA
detonate A. Bomb in 1949
Releases scientist from
Soulag in order for him to
develop bombs.
Truman: NSC-68 Truman 1950 NSC-30 = nuclear strategy More were used in Stopped Korea from Limited war = avoiding
and ­ giving President control and order to counteract going nuclear/too far risk
Limited War 1953 authority over nuclear any lack/ To limit war Containment = climate
NSC-30 weapons. ineffectiveness of of fear
NSC-68 = increase in nuclear weapons. Korean War was in
spending on nuclear and To be built up by $400 process at the time
conventional weapons in million threat and brings
order to follow containment home the risk
policy nuclear = $260 Truman needed
million policy
`Limited war' avoid
escalating war to nuclear
Theory = build weapons
Practice = avoid nuclear war
Development of H-bomb

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Eisenhower's Eisenhower and 1953 Massive retaliation = nuclear None expanded Yes used this to Losing in Korea =
`Massive Dulles ­ weapons no longer last reduced gain concessions: needed to show
Retaliation' and 1960 resort all available means Nuclear is cheaper and `ceasing atmospheric strength
`New Look' used weapons of first more effective testing' On trying to rollback
Brinkmanship resort.…read more

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ICBMs and However, had very
Sputnik few functional missiles…read more


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