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Nuclear Energy

The energy released during fission or fusion. Heat energy is
released from uranium or plutonium and used to generate

The cost

Capital costscost of site preparation, construction,
manufacture, commissioning and financing a nuclear power plant
Plant operating costscosts of fuel, operation and maintenance
External costsdealing with accidents…

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New Projects Energy firm EDF has said it remains "confident" the £18bn Hinkley Point
nuclear power plantwill go ahead despite uncertainties over its funding.

Construction of Hinkley Point C in Somerset, the first new nuclear plant in the UK
for 20 years and the most expensive in the world, is…

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Uranium sources are just as finite as
other fuel sources, such as coal,
Because nuclear plants refuel every natural gas, etc., and are expensive to
1824 months, they are not subject to mine, refine, and transport, and
fuel price volatility like natural gas and produce considerable environmental
oil power plants.…

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The future of Nuclear Power
Governments across the world are looking to nuclear power to solve some of the most pressing
dilemmas they face how to meet growing energy demand and increase energy security while
reducing the CO2 emissions linked with global warming.
A number of countries in the Middle…


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