November Revolution (Kaiserreich to German republic)

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Kaiserreich to republic: November Revolution 1918
The revolution from above (September ­ October)
Why the revolution took place from above took place
Bold = Increased divisions in German society
29th September ­ 3rd October
Ludendorff offensive failed = meant to be decisive breakthrough before US troops arrived
Germ high command realise war lost
Hid + Lind 2 aims = best poss peace terms + protect rep of Germ army
Defeat certain = Generals advised KS 2 negotiate Armstice (end of war)
Lind + Hid thought = dem Germ would be treated more leniently than Auth Milit Germ
+ Germ defeat blame to Lib & Soc politician in new gov = Stab in the back myth = Right
wing myth that Germ lost the war because of 1918 revolutions and because she was
betrayed by comms,libs & socs = more Germs may adopt cons view as they were
nationalistic = deep divisions
Prince Max of Baden forms new gov = Libs + Socs frm Reich
Allies unconvinced = Kaiser still held authority
Increased divisions = high command treat new gov with contempt = Admiral Scheer
ordering suicide attack on British navy with no clearance from political superiors = Lack
of regard 4 Germ seamen + new Gov
The popular revolution
31st October ­ 8th November
Scheer's arrogance triggers next stage of revs
Impending defeat + suicidal orders = Sailors set up Soviet at Kiel
Mutinies (soldiers disobeying officers) across Germ + soviets set up in Munich, Berlin
and Hamburg = Increased support 4 radical politics = increased divisions between L + R
Wilhelm abdicates
Prince Max's gov realising socialists now in control = resign + soc gov set up


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