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November by Simon Armitage

Cowardice, a word meaning lack of courage in a person, a word which many soldiers were
killed for in the 20th century during the first world war especially. November by Simon
Armitage shows cowardice and people giving up on someone just because they are in a…

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Armitage allows us to make the same connection with the first phrase he says in the first
stanza, "It is time John." This could be a doctor telling you the harsh facts of the death of
a loved one, or it could be a sergeant telling a troop that is…

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"sometimes the sun spangles," from this description I get a vision of pieces of tinsel, and
plastic spears of silver and gold colours falling from the sun, this could be a beautiful sight,
and I believe it to be, yet when I read it with the rest of the poem,…


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