Nothing's changed

annotations of the poem.

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Poems from other cultures
Nothing's changed
In the poem, the poet goes back to district six. When he lived there it was a mixed-race area, but
when apartheid was introduced in South Africa, it became a "white's only" area. Now, under
Nelson Mandela's government, it's supposedly mixed again ­ but Afrika sees little difference.
Lines 1-16He describes his return to district six. He says that, even though the old sign is gone,
his senses tell him where he is ­ "my feet know / and my hands" (lines 11-12)
Lines 17-32This section's about the inn. The inn represents the reality ­ blacks and whites still
don't mix. It's clear that the inn is for white people only.
Lines 33-48He thinks about the cheap cafe "down the road." It's very different from the inn. In
the final four lines, he says he wants to destroy the inn.
Three types of language
Harshness and bitterness ­ he's angry at the inequality, and uses harsh-sounding words. They're
often one syllable words, with alliteration and onomatopoeia adding to the harsh feel.
Metaphorical language ­ The glass of the inn becomes a metaphor for apartheid. The inn
represents the dominance and arrogance of the white people.
Comparisons ­ The difference between the lives of the white and the black people give you
loads to talk about. Comparisons between different verses e.g. the inn and the cafe.
Annotations of the poem
Trouser cuffs ­ turn up trousers
Amiable weeds ­ friendly weeds
District six ­ an area of Cape Town which was demolished and all it's inhabitants made to live else
No board says it is ­ there's no sign saying district 6.
Incipient port Jackson trees ­ just starting to grow.
Haute cuisine ­ fancy, expensive cooking.
But we know where we belong ­ feels he can't enter "white" areas.
Bunny chows ­ cheap, take-away food. African food, meat/pastry.


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