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Verity Roat's Writing to Advise TASK
GCSEs can be a stressful time, even for the most capable student, so
it is important to organise your time appropriately, in order to
maximise your revision time with minimal stress.
My first recommendation is to organise your revision time so
that you are not doing last minute "cramming" the night before the
exam. A very good way of doing this is to create a revision time
table, that specifies when you will do your revision, how much you
will do and for which subject it will be. However it is vital to keep
a good work life balance. In order to do this, you should leave free
periods of time on your revision timetable for seeing friends,
participating in extra curricular activities and so on. It is
essential to keep this balance or you may become over stressed and
find it difficult to concentrate on your work, both at school and
Another thing that I strongly suggest you do is to make sure
that you do not take on too much work. Avoid taking on too many extra
commitments in this period, such as sports clubs and performance
groups, as you may find it difficult to keep up with them on top of
your coursework, schoolwork and revision. Especially avoid extra
curricular activities that will physically exhaust you as you may
over tire yourself and then find it hard to keep focus in lessons.
However, do not be discouraged from taking on any extra activities
what so ever, as they are very beneficial to your learning and your
wellbeing and also sixth forms look for you to be enthusiastic about
your chosen subjects, so extra curricular activities involving these
can be a bonus on your application form.
My final suggestion is to try to live as healthy as possible. I
am aware that as teenagers it can be very hard to motivate yourself
to always eat correctly, find time to exercise and to get yourself to
bed on time, but it is very beneficial to your studies. Eating a
balance diet can help your concentration as a hungry stomach can be
very distracting! Also, by eating the right "energy" foods you will
optimize your abilities and feel less tired whilst doing so. Exercise
can release endorphins that will help you to relax and sleeping well
will improve your concentration. If you are a big fan of TV, avoid
watching TV in bed as it can over excite the brain and prevent you
from sleeping correctly. If you are desperate to watch a specific
programme that is on later, persuade your mum or dad to tape it for
you and watch it the next day.
To summarise, it is important to get organised and produced some
form of plan of your revision that leaves time for your other

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In addition to this,
it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle and allow ample sleep
time, to improve your concentration and general happiness.…read more


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