Notes on Texture

Here are some notes about the terms of texture that you should know for GCSE music.

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Some notes on Texture
Monophonic: an unaccompanied melody
Homophonic: chordal texture (melody on top, other parts providing harmony, all playing
the same rhythm.
Polyphonic / contrapuntal: several melodic parts heard at the same time
Heterophonic: different versions of the same melody played simultaneously
Antiphonal: phrases alternating between two or more groups of players or singers
Tune and Accompaniment:
Ask yourself these questions...
If the texture is monophonic, are all the instruments / voices playing in unison (at the same
pitch), or are they in octaves?
If the texture is contrapuntal, is it in two, three or four parts? And is it imitative
counterpoint (each part sharing the same melodic material)? If so can you be specific
about where each instrument begins, what order they come in in and what the pitch interval
is between each part?


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