Notes on RS - Believing in God Unit

Notes made on RS - Believing in God unit.

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Outline the main features of a religious upbringing in one religion (part b)
the children are baptised
they are taken to Church regularly by their parents to worship God
taught to pray to God every day
expected to thank God and remember God's good gifts at religious festivals like Easter
children regularly go to Sunday school to learn
children are likely to attend a Church school
Outline an argument for God's existence based on causation (part b)
Science says that everything has a cause or an explanation,
therefore the universe itself must have a cause,
the only thing which could cause the universe to exist is God,
Therefore God must exist ­ God must be the uncaused cause
Describe one religious experience
miracle, answered prayers, numinous, conversion ...
What is the problem of evil and suffering for people who believe in God? (part c)
-If God is omnipotent then surely he has the powerful to stop his people from suffering and
doing evil deeds.
If God is omniscient then surely he can see his people are suffering and would stop the evil
because he wants the best for his people
If God is omni-benevolent then why would he allow his people to suffer.
If God is omnipresent he can see everything at all time and so he would remove evil and
suffering from the world
Therefore this might make a theist reconsider whether God really exists because if he has these
characteristics then surely he wouldn't allow evil and suffering to happen in the world.
Explain how the presence of religion in the universe can lead to, or support, belief in God (part
When people pray to God and the prayer seems to be answered ­ this shows God exist
Religion helps people cope with life, so they think God is guiding / helping them
Many people believe in God ­ so everybody can't be wrong about God's existencve
Muslim and Christianity share similar ideas and beliefs about God indicating that there is some
God that exists


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