Notes on 'Out of the blue'- Simon Armatige

Notes on the poem 'Out of the blue'- Simon Armatige, from 'Moon on the tides'

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Out of the Blue- Simon Armitage
4 lines in each stanza
Archaic language- old language
Lots of repetition makes emphasis on the drama
Ing- present, continuous
The poem is about the 9/11 attacks from the point of view of an English trader in
the North tower of the world trade centre
Short but powerful
Out of the blue- no one was expecting it to happen- it came out of the blue
2nd/4th rhyme but in the last verse 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th
Using verbs in the present makes it feel like `now' almost like watching it on TV
Theme- destruction, fear, falling
Panic- in hope of getting attention
`the heat behind is bullying'- most people have experienced bullying so they can
It says `the white flag or surrender is not yet flying- it means that the person is not
yet ready to give up and is willing to carry on trying. Other people have given up but
not him- yet.
First and third line shorter than the second and last which are longer
Armitage born in1963. Also writes plays and teaches at Manchester University
V4 the `voice' is not ready to give up, but by V7 he is
Lots of alliteration
`a bird goes by'- life goes on, even during the destruction
Burning building
7 stanzas


Jamie Haywood

damn! could have done with this for my GCSE anthology last year! good work!

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