Notes on Medicine through time - Part 1

Here's the first part of the notes I have on Medicine through time, I hope they can be of some use to others since exams are evil and cannot be failed - they laugh at you otherwise :P

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Notes on Medicine through time (Part 1)
Archelogical evidence of diseases and sickness.
Prehistoric Skulls sometimes with small circular holes cut out. The removal of small pieces of
bone may have been worn as a charm. The skull may have been trephinned with a sharp stone.
We know that people survived bones healed over. May have been to treat severe headaches or
epilepsy etc. Could have thought they were releasing evil spirits.
Cave paintings show witch doctors. Sacrifices.
Bones with either tumours or clubfoot.
Can look at people who live a 'prehistoric' existence. Aborigines, amazonian tribes etc.
See culture in hostile environment.
know Aborigines used spirits to explain the natural world.
Aboriginal remedies:
# Open wounds covered with mud
# Broken arms encased in mud/clay
# Upset stomach chewing plants/bulbs
# Fever steam from a fire
# Remedies based on experience/ observation/ common sense the environment
# Believed spirits responsible
# Tried to entics spirits away
# Used 'pointing bones' to catch a spirit
# Medicine man had powers carried quartz crystals
# Used massage their own sweat etc.
# Wore/ used charms from Abrus seeds (gumplant)
# Buried own excrement/ hair/ nails

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Avoided infectious diseases due to isolation
Based on fertile soil in Valley of the Nile
Settled not nomadic
Domesticated animals. Farming instead of hunting.
Built dams. Irrigation.
Leaders. Pharaohs. Settled system of government.
Cities, Temples, Army, Pyramids.
Calculations, taxes.
Writing, written records. Sophisticated society.
Explained origins of the world through spirits.
Egyptian medicine mixtureo old/ new supernatural and practical.
Now had physicians doctors.
Imphotep Royal Physician later the God of healing.
Documents on papyrus.
Spells to drive out spirits.…read more

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Religion. Not allowed to examine the dead body in detail.
Heat meant embalming had to be done quickly.
Believed in afterlife so couldn't dissect organs.
Little knowedge of anatomical details.
Could successfully treat a broken nose. (Papyrus).
Used herbs and drugs. Radishes/ garlic/ onions. All good against stomach complaints.
Hernbane used for intestines.
Surgery on simple tumours. Believed in channels so used purges clear bowls to vomit
Believed scarab bettle good.
Used sented oils, ointments. Washed day/night.
Egyptian code of hygiene.…read more


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