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Here are some notes on Jem Finch, which I hope might be useful! Sorry they're a bit short

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Presentation on Jem
About Jem:
Jem is Scouts older brother, who at the beginning of the novel is ten but at the end
he is thirteen.
Although towards the end of the novel Jem begins to avoid Scout, he always
protects her and looks out for her.
He loves and admires Atticus: "Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!" and gets
annoyed when Mrs Dubose insults him.
He is intelligent and mature and gets a better understanding of the court case than
Words to describe Jem: stubborn, brave, loyal, sensitive, fair and kind.
Key plot moments in the book:
Court case ­ This is important as Jem begins to understand that not every man is
equal and not everything is fair.
Mrs Dubose ­ This is an important event as it teaches Jem a lesson about bravery
and we also see Jem sticking up for Atticus when he chops off Mrs Dubose's
Breaks his arm ­ Although for most of this scene Jem is unconscious, this scene is
important as we see Atticus showing real love for Jem and before Jem is
unconscious he is protecting Scout. Also there is the parallel between Jem and Boo
Radley and these concluding events are important for the reader as the book starts
with Scout saying that Jem had broken his arm.
Going to see Boo Radley ­ This is important as it shows Jem's bravery as well as
when he breaks his arm.
Shooting the dog ­ This is important as at the beginning of the chapter Jem believes
that Atticus is quite dull but after Atticus shoots the dog he begins to admire Atticus
even more and wants to be like him.
"There was a big cake and two little ones on Miss Maudie's kitchen table... But we
understood when she cut from the big cake and gave a slice to Jem..."
"It was Jem's turn to cry. His face was streaked with angry tears as we made our
way through the crowd."
"Yeah, he's just about Mister Jem now."
"I've got it figured out. There's four kinds of folks in the world..." ­ This quote
shows that Jem is growing up and he realises that not every man is equal and
understands about prejudice. This quote also shows Jem maturing and growing up,
beginning to understand the world around him and gaining his own beliefs and
"Jem was 12. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody." ­ This quote is
useful for telling the reader about what Jem's character is like and really shows Jem
growing up and as the reader we get a feel of Scout's experience of living with him.
This quote also sets the scene for Part Two of the novel, as it is quite a gloomy
description and Part Two is generally a darker.

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