Notes on important things to know for wjec GCSE exam year 10 modern american history

here are some notes I typed up just to help me then I thought that they may help you as well. so here they are

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I am President Johnson (LBJ) and I was president after Kennedy. I
followed on with his ideas of the New Frontier: Medicare for poor and
aged, civil rights for black Americans and more money injected into
schools. Luckily for me as I was also a democrat following Johnson's
death congress became democrat so I was able to get them passed. I
called it the great Society.
I am President Kennedy (JFK) and I had the idea of the New Frontier
unfortunately for me, being a democrat, I couldn't get my ideas passed
because congress was republican .Also I was assassinated in 1963
I am President Nixon and I am responsible for the Watergate scandal in 1972. Five men from CREEP
(committee for re-election of the president) were arrested inside the democrat office buildings
trying to install listening devices. When I found out that they were my advisers I ordered a cover up.

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I got found out and was impeached. The scandal resulted in the American public not trusting their
government anymore. I received a presidential pardon from President Ford
I am President Ford and I gave Nixon a Presidential
pardon. The public thought it was a wrong move to
pardon him after what he did.
I am Senator McCarthy and I am responsible for McCarthyism, I was very patriotic and was
strongly against communism. I used fake documentation and lies to try and catch possible
communists.…read more

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