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Topic One
Feminist Perspectives on the Family

This handout will help you answer the following 24 marks exam questions:
Assess the Feminist perspectives on the family (24 marks)

(It can also be used in AO2 evaluation for Marxism and Functionalism)

Like Marxists feminists take a
critical view of the family.…

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· It doesn't challenge the underlying causes of women's oppression.
Changes in laws and attitudes will not be enough.
Marxist Feminists

Marxist feminists argue:
· The main cause of women's oppression is not men, BUT CAPITALISM.
· Women's oppression performs several functions for capitalism.

Women reproduce the labour force:

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Women's oppression is a result of male domination not capitalism.

Radical Feminism

In response to Marxist feminism, radical feminists would say that it isn't
capitalism that exploits women but men.

Patriarchy ­
The system of male domination in society existed before capitalism. Men
have always controlled women and this would…

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