notes on abnormality

evaluation of definitions.

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i. Deviation from social norm (DSN): Abnormality can be defined as a
situation where one deviates from the social norm it when someone
behaves differently from what is generally accepted in the society.
The definition is supported by disorders such as sufferers from
schizophrenia (hallucinations and hearing voices) and obsessive-
compulsive disorder (obsessive thoughts that constantly run through
one's mind).
The definition of abnormality is culture specific not taking into account
`cultural relativity' as what may be seen as a norm in one society may be
abnormal in another such as eating rice with your hands in India may
not be accepted in Britain but also eating rice using cutlery may also be
absurd in India.
ii. Failure to function adequately (FFA): Abnormality can be defined a
situation where a person deviates from the normal pattern of behaviour
where they fail to function adequately. This definition focuses on the
individual and their everyday behaviour. Examples are agoraphobia and
Rosenham and Seligman (1989) characterised the FFA definition of
abnormality under the following observer discomfort, unpredictability,
irrationality and maladaptiveness.
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Just like the DSN definition, the FFA definition is culture specific as
behavioural patterns vary from different cultures so failing to function
adequately may be different dependent o the culture.
iii. Deviation from ideal mental health (DIMH): This is when one
deviates from the ideal mental health, digression from these ideals can
be defined as abnormality. The DIMH does not directly define
abnormality, however it defines the state of ideal mental health.…read more


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