Notes for History Paper 1-USA (American history)

All revision needed for USA topics in paper 1 (ocr)

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How far did the US economy boom in the 1920s?
One what factors were the economic boom based on?
New methods of production-Henry ford- cars were affordable and jobs were created assembly line which meant
anyone could do the work-immigrants were used for cheap labor
Hire purchase- `buy now pay later', meant people would borrow money and banks would make profit by charging
high interest.
Republican government policies- high taxes on foreign goods so therefore people would be American goods
instead and American goods became high in demand
WW1 Europe needed money for the war, so American charged high taxes.
Why did some industries prosper and some did not?
Coal was not needed as electricity became more popular. Greater use of electricity and oil = demand for coal not
Textiles was suffering because of cheap labor in the south
Why did agriculture not share prosperity?
Over production more than the country could eat or use was being produced
International competition and tariffs it proved impossible to deal with excess production and exporting it
Prices of products collapsed
Farmers lost their land they borrowed money in hope prices would recover they didn't and they lost their
land to banks
Crops were killed by pests such as the boll weevil
Did all Americans benefit from the boom?
No: farmers (agriculture, coal, leather and textiles did not benefit either
How for did society change in the 1920s?
What were the `Roaring Twenties'?
Attitude of freedom after the war people were determined to have fun
More money and leisure time during the economic boom they took advantage of it
Women were freer than ever
The entertainment industry boomed
`Golden age' for Hollywood films
Jazz age new crazes for music and new dances
How widespread was intolerance in US society?
1. The Red Scare and immigrants There was a fear of political beliefs that Communism would take over America.
They believed the immigrants coming from Russia were responsible for this. They didn't want to have communists,
because they economy was booming from all the workers they were making money
2. Sacco and Vanzetti They were charged with robbery and murder. They didn't get a fair trial, all the evidence was
fixed and even though the real criminal confessed they were still killed. They were scape goats because they were
vulnerable Italian immigrants. They were ilrate and anarchists; therefore the court was very bias.
3. The KKK-Ku Klux Klan WASPs-White Anglo Saxon Protestants Originally comes from Northern Europe: Britain ,
Germany etc.

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More about the KKK...
The KKK lunch mobs were feared by Black Americans in the South. Thousands of black Americans were attacked
during the 1920s and some were even murdered. Most crimes were unsolved as most police men and judges were
bribed or members of the KKK.
By 1925 Klan membership had risen to 5 Million judges, local officials and police members.
Religious Intolerance
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What were the causes and consequences of the Wall Street Crash?
How far was speculation responsible for the Wall street crash?
Why did it all go wrong...
1929-The American stock market was in a mess (stock market-where shares of companies are sold and
Wall street-Where the stock market was based: the prices of shares and companies became
worthless(many not all). This is known as the Wall Street Crash
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