2015 Edexcel A2 Music Applied Set Works (Apart from Gamelan)

Here are around 9 illustrated points for each applied piece (minus the Gamelan as I've decided against learning that one!)

You need to 9 illustrated points (ie with bar numbers that relate to the question) to get 13/13!

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Gabrieli ­ What makes it typically a piece of Venetian Renaissance music?

Typical Renaissance instruments = cornett & sackbut, continuo not a prominent
Gabrieli omitted time signature = editor added it afterwards

1) Textural point = mainly contrapuntal (Venetian style) = bar 6
2) Root…

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Stravinsky ­ 20th C Neoclassicism

No continuo!
Stravinsky took original tonality and `spiced it up' with frequent added note
dissonances = begins in G major, modulates to V early = bar 4
Long sustained notes against foreground music = bars 7-9

Exaggerates ornamentation to make music sound more 18th…


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