Northern Ireland in the 1960's

A powerpoint covering the span of O'Neill's time as prime minister.

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The 1960's…read more

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Since partition in 1920 the government has been dominated by Unionists.
Mainly protestant population but gerrymandering rigs elections.
Catholics were perceived as disloyal.
Discrimination in jobs and housing.
Majority of Catholics wanted an end to partition.
Many refused to stand for election or join the RUC.
Britain offered free education and healthcare for all so support for the ending
of partition declined.…read more

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PM of NI in 1931.
His reforms
Improve economy and make NI more prosperous
Build bridges between the two communities
Improve relations with the Republic.
In order to achieve this:
Offered tax incentives for a ministry of development e.g. new
houses, factories and motorways
Make symbolic gestures to the Catholic community
Reforms in housing, education and voting
Invited Sean Lamass to Stormont for talks on trade and tourism
UVF declared an illegal organisation.
UVF…read more

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Criticised inside and outside his party.
Many unionists objected to...
... His contacts with the Republic
· Suspicious of the Catholic church and its power in the South.
Divorce were forbidden, contraceptives were banned, children of
mixed marriages were to be brought up as Catholics.
· They saw it as a hostile state which denied their right to exist.…read more

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Unionists were suspicious of his reforms in NI
· Saw Catholics as enemies of the state
· They would threaten their power and influence
· Many working class unionists were as badly off as the nationalists so
saw the complaints as ant attack on the NI state.…read more

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Nationalists who welcomed his plans were suspicious that there
would be no real change.
· Reforms were slow to materialise due to opposition from his own
· Craigavon was placed close to Belfast instead of the more deprived
· University of Ulster was placed in Coleraine instead of Derry…read more

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