Non Renewable Energy Sources

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Non Renewable Energy Sources
We depend on non renewable energy sources for most of our energy needs.
These can't be replaced in a short amount of time and will eventually run out.
Source Advantages Disadvantages StartU
s p Time
Nuclear Cost of fuel is low. Radioactive waste is Longes
Rate of fuel use is produced. t
low Difficulty of storing
Doesn't produce radioactive material for
CO2 and SO2 thousands of years
emissions into the Building power stations is
atmosphere. very costly
Accident and
contamination risks are
Coal Relatively cheap Burning coal produces
and easy to CO2 and SO2
extract. Only several hundred
years worth of coal left
Oil Has been Burning produces CO2
relatively easy to and SO2
find Significant risk of spillage
Perhaps large and pollution
amounts of Destruction of wildlife
reserve stocks habits.
Gas Has been easy to Burning produces CO2
find Expensive pipeline and
Large reserve networks required
stocks available Visual pollution of
Doesn't produce landscape
SO2 Destruction of wildlife
habitats Shortes


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