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· Many people who do not believe in Allah and consider
themselves atheist or agnostic still believe in life after death. It
appears that most people, religious or not, need to feel that
life on earth is not just all there is. There are three main
reasons that some people give for believing in some kind of
existence after death:
· Seeing ghosts
· Paranormal activities
· Near-death experiences…read more

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· These are thought to be the spirits of dead people who for
some reasons have not travelled on to the next place. They
can either be a physical presence that can be seen or a sense
or feeling of someone being in the room with you. It is
believed some ghosts haunt the living, some come to support
and look after loved ones and others try to contact the living.
· Task:
*Here is a clip of the film Ghost, write down what you make of
this explanation in the clip.
· In the film Ghost there is no religious reasons given for life
after death, although a lot of religious symbolism is used.…read more

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· Paranormal activities include, for example, contacting the
spirits of the dead. People such as mediums claim to be able
to contact the dead. Contacting the dead is forbidden in Islam.
Many people attend séances and have found them
convincing. Others claim that there are the product of
fraudsters who wish to take advantage of the grief of others.
· Task:
Brainstorm some examples of paranormal activities…read more

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Spirit s
s Alien
Paranormal Activities
UFOs ­
Cryptids - A cryptid is
an animal whose
existence is not
confirmed by science.…read more

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· These have been reported by patients who have been
pronounced dead for a short time. They report leaving their
bodies and seeing themselves from outside their body. In
some cases they report seeing relatives and friends who have
already died or a bright light they feel they want to travel
towards. They are convinced this is evidence that there is and
· Task:
Discuss some examples of near-death experiences you have
seen or heard.…read more

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