Non- Optical telescopes

made with specification, teaches notes and own notes. Table format comparing Structure, posistioning, use, resolving powers and collecting powers.

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Non-Optical Structure Positioning Use Resolving Power Collecting Power
Single Dish radio Tuner = selects Manoeuvrable ­ stops Receiver amplifiers, Determined by Raleigh Larger the collector
telescopes wavelength interested source slipping out of detects and records Criterion. Worse RP (dish size) the clearer
in view, allows sources to electronic image. than unaided eye. the image.
Computer= creates be trained. Can be used in day and Improved by Proportional to square
false colour images of Away from centres of cloudy weather. connecting many of the diameter.
radio source. population to avoid Cheaper to construct. telescopes together. Dependent of intensity
Parabolic dish = interference. Not as perfect as a of incidence radiation.
objective mirror of mirror.
optical telescope.
Made with mesh with
size smaller than /20
I-R CCD as radiation To limit interference for Produces false colour The longer the The bigger the dish the
detectors, similar to H2O and CO2 placed on images. wavelength the less more intense the
optical telescopes hot dry mountains. Works day and night as effect by mirror. image.
(parabolic mirror) Or attached to rays not blotted by More pixels on CCD Proportional to square
Heat detector at prime airplanes/balloons sunshine. then the better the of the diameter.
focus (shielded and /spacecraft etc. Used for finding picture.
cooled to 2K) exoplanets, observing
after effects of gamma
ray bursts, observing
U-V Similar to optical To limit interference for Produces false colour Better resolving power Subjective to size of the
reflecting telescopes. H2O and CO2 placed on images. than radio telescope. dish.
Mirrors have to be hot dry mountains. Studies most energetic
precisely made. Or attached to radiation from space
airplanes/balloons and its sources.
/spacecraft etc.

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Low earth orbit Observing star
formation rate in
distant galaxies
Analysing quasars.
5 arc seconds ­
advanced x-ray = ten
times greater
Solar powered. In space as X-rays are Reveal sudden intense x-rays go through
Insulation protects absorbed by bursts of radiation e.g. ordinary mirrors. So
instruments from atmosphere. quasars they need to strike
extreme heat and cold, Earth orbit Discovering grazing mirrors at an
low pressure and supermissive black angle to form an image.
energetic particles.…read more

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