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Non fatal OAP
Wounding/inflicting GBH with intent
s18…read more

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A s18 is much more serious than s20 and is an
indictable offence with a maximum sentence
of life imprisonment
It is defined as:
`maliciously... Wound or cause GBH...with
intent to cause GBH or prevent arrest.'…read more

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Actus Reus
· Wounding
· Causing GBH
`wound' and `GBH' follow the same definition of a
`cause' however has a very wide interpretation so it
is only necessary to prove that the D was a
substantial cause to the wound/GBH…read more

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Mens Rea
This is a specific intent crime. It must be proved
that D:
· Intended GBH
· Intended to resist arrest or prevent arrest of
Recklessness is only sufficient for the MR of
preventing arrest as shown in Morrison (1989)…read more


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