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Nonexistence of God

Types of Atheism
Atheism of indifference
o Combination of theism, atheism, superstition and so on that people
have because they have never looked at it in any detail
o "The creed of the English is that there is no God, and that it is wise to

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o Preconceived ideas of God ­ he tries to disprove his own ideas, not
God himself
o His concept and understanding of God might be disproved, but God
might exist differently to the description given
o We might imagine God but that does not mean that he does not exist…

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Religion promotes social change in many societies ­ a process for social
o Catholic priests in South America ­ Liberation Theology
o Martin Luther King
Marxism became a kind of religion in USSR ­ Marx `revered' as a god,
Lenin `waxed' and visited `Das Kapital' and writing of Lenin…

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Fears of dangers of the natural world (although not necessarily
applicable today)
Inner Psychological Conflict
o Religion leads to neurotic illnesses (obsessions, phobias, anxieties etc.)
o This comes from our unconscious minds, repressed trauma memories
(often linking to sexual traumas)
Dreams & Unconscious Mind
o Shows itself in Freudian slips…

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o Meme problems ­ Tinker:
Unlike genes, memes can be altered ­ we can alter our ideas at
any time, just being brought up religious does not mean you will
stay that way
If religion is a meme, so is Dawkins's atheism ­ even the idea of
memes is a…


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