Non-Custodial Sentencing Table of Advantages and Disadvantages

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Non-Custodial Sentencing
Form of Brief Summary Strengths Weaknesses
Probation Your actions are 1. Potential 1. Justice is not
monitored by psychologically always reached.
police officers and damaging effects
you are limited as of prison are 2. Only
to areas and times eliminated. successful
you are allowed to when tailored
be out at. 2. Support and to the
guidance are offenders exact
provided in needs which
attempt to reform are always
the offender. different ­ this
makes it time
3. Costs consuming and
considerably less difficult to
than prison. carry out.
Fines The culprit or 1. The offender 1. Compared
suspected culprit suffers a loss of to a prison
has to pay an money and so is sentence the
amount of money deterred from criminal seems
as compensation doing it again. to get off
and deterrence lightly so as
from the crime. 2. Other people the
see the offender punishment is
receiving a fine less severe, the
and are equally crime is more
deterred from likely to be
committing that committed.
criminal act.
2. Victims may
3. What can be have a form of
psychologically compensation
damaging effects but memories
of prison are of the crime
avoided. could remain

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with them for
the rest of
their lives and
money cannot
or all physical
3. If the
criminal is
bankrupt then
the fine wont
have to be paid.
Community Orders The criminal is 1. The criminal is 1. The victim
required to do putting may feel that
unpaid work for something back the offender
the benefit of into society and hasn't been
society with society benefits severely
restrictions as to from this form of enough
when they are punishment.…read more

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retribution as the 2. It could
criminal meets backfire if the
the victim and has criminal reacts
to directly badly to the
compensate them victim.
for their actions.
3. Justice is
3. Potential rarely
psychologically achieved, as the
damaging effects offender is not
of prison are really being
eliminated. punished.…read more



A simple and effective summary of the advantanges and disadvantages rlated to non-custodial sentencing!

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