Latin GCSE: Nisus et Euryalus lines 47-60

My translation, with the corresponding latin words written underneath in red. Plus some notes about the section.

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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 47
A king he was, and a prophet cherished by a king, by Turnus. But not all his
prophesying could drive him from the plague of death. Nisus then caught three of
Rhamenes' attendants lying in a heap amongst their weapons, then the armourbearer
of Remus and his charioteer among the hooves of the horses. Their heads were lolling.
He cut them off. Next he removed the head of their master Remus and left the blood
gurgling out of his trunk and warming the ground as the black gore soaked through
the bedding. He also slew Lamyrus, and Lamus and young Serranus, a handsome
youth who had gambled into the night. There he lay overcome by all the wine of
Bacchus he had drunk. He would have been happy if he could have made his gambling
last the night and kept it up till daylight. Nisus was like a lion driven mad with hunger
and ravening through pens full of sheep, dumb with fear, while he growls from jaws
dripping with blood as he mauls and champs their soft flesh.
Meanwhile there was no less slaughter from the hand of Euryalus. He too was
in a blazing frenzy as he crept up on a great crowd of nameless warriors lying
unconscious in his path, Fadus and Herbesus, Rhoetus and Abaris. Rhoetus was
awake and saw it all, so hid in panic behind a great mixing bowl. But when Euryalus
came near him he rose and Euryalus plunged his sword to the hilt in his chest. When
he withdrew it, the whole life of Rhoetus flooded out after it. As he lay there dying,
still vomiting his crimson life's breath and bringing up wine and gore together, Euryalus
was already prowling on, hot for blood.
Meanwhile Calvary was sent ahead
Interea equites praemissi
From the city of Latina, while
ex urbe Latina, dum
The rest of the army were waiting
Cetera legio moratur
Drawn up on the plain, and they
Instructa campis et
(Calvary) were going to take replies
ibant ferebant responsa
to Turnus the king of the Rutuli
Turno regi
300 of them, all of them carrying
ter centum omnes
Shields with Volcens as there commander.
Scutati Volcente magistro
And now they were approaching the camp
que iam propinquebant castris
And they were going up to the
que subibant
Walls when far off they saw them
Muros cum procul cement has
(Nisus and Euraylus)
Turning off onto

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Left hand path and helmet
Laeio limite et galee
In the halflit shadow of the night
Sublustri umbra noctis
Betrayed thoughtless Euryalus
Prodidit immemorem Euryalum
and flashed glinting in the moonlight.
Refulsit adversa radus
It was not seen for nothing. Volcens
Est haud visum temere.…read more

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Communt they saw, present historic, makes reader/listener fee they are there.
o Prodidit ­ betrayed, personification, helmet avenging his dead owner.
o Umbra shadow also means ghost, forshadowing their death
o Immemorem ­ thoughtless, shows his youth/ inexperience
o Adversa, glinting, also means hostile, the helmet is getting revenge
o Volcens gives a command then 3 short questions, shows he's a military person,
what, why, were.
o Contrast between military leaders and speechless euryalus.…read more


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