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Nisus et Euryalus Lines 47

A king he was, and a prophet cherished by a king, by Turnus. But not all his
prophesying could drive him from the plague of death. Nisus then caught three of
Rhamenes' attendants lying in a heap amongst their weapons, then the armourbearer
of Remus…

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Left hand path and helmet
Laeio limite et galee
In the halflit shadow of the night
Sublustri umbra noctis
Betrayed thoughtless Euryalus
Prodidit immemorem Euryalum
and flashed glinting in the moonlight.
Refulsit adversa radus
It was not seen for nothing. Volcens
Est haud visum temere. Volcens
Shouted from the…

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o Communt they saw, present historic, makes reader/listener fee they are there.

o Prodidit ­ betrayed, personification, helmet avenging his dead owner.

o Umbra shadow also means ghost, forshadowing their death

o Immemorem ­ thoughtless, shows his youth/ inexperience

o Adversa, glinting, also means hostile, the helmet is getting revenge…


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