Night of the long knives - significance and few extra details

Notes on signifcance of Night of the Long Knives. Includes some details I left out of other notes on Night of the Long Knives. Hope this helps in your revision.

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Why was the Night of the Long Knives so significant?
Ties Hindenburg and army to Hitler
Use of fear to prevent opposition
Got rid of any internal opposition
Army now swear oath of loyalty to Hitler
SS become independent
Himmler gets power and authority
Justifies murder to get rid of opposition ­ no one speaks out. Allowed to do it again
Causes the death of Weimar ­ People accept that Hitler worked outside of the legal system.
For the good of Germany
Hitler now embodiment of Germany
Hitler is law, what he says goes
No legal or political system
No one can stop Hitler
Hitler has complete totalitarian dictatorship ­ one man
Hitler is Furher, leader ­ confirmed after Hindenburg's death
Hitler seizes opportunities
Done for good of the Volksgemeinschaft
Protecting community ­ became Hitler's common excuse for his actions
Further details of Night of Long Knives
SA attending conference ­ only staying at a lakeside hotel in Bad Wiesse
Dragged from their beds
Hustled into vans
Taken to Nazi headquarters
Early in the morning all gunned down
Rohm arrested ­ shot at later date


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