Night of the Long Knives

Just a few revision notes on what it was and why the event occured. Down under the OCR syllabus but could be helpful to others. Hope they help.

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Night of the Long Knives
29th -30th June 1934
An event which fully secures Hitler's position in power
Hitler sends SS to assassinate SA leaders
Between 50 and 90 were killed in cold blood
Gunned down
SA had 3 million members, led by Ernest Rohm
1. Internal fractions
2. Personal revenge
3. Army
4. Hindenberg
5. Almost in control
1. Internal fractions
Himmler wants promotion (SS leader)
Wants the SS to be top - has to get rid of SA
Hitler told SA are a threat and unreliable ­ he believes
Rohm now considered as threat ­ If Rohm continues scale of violence then this could make Hitler
look weak
2. Personal revenge
Rohm rampant homosexual ­ went against Nazi Ideology
Von Schleicher
Von Kahr ­ Munich Putsch leader
Strausser ­ tried to help von Schleicher split Nazis
All were killed ­ they had upset him in the past
3. Army
SA want to merge with Army
SA 3million Army 100000
SA like thugs, Army respected
Fear SA would dominate
SA were alienating Hitler from the army ­ due to violent actions
SA is Hitler's group everything they do is linked back to Hitler
Hitler needs the army on side even if it means making sacrifices
4. Hindenberg
Bad health in his late 80s
Hitler could be voted out if Hindenburg dies
Needs to secure his place before Hindenburg's death
President has overall control ­ could get rid of Hitler
SA alienating Hitler from Hindenburg ­ due to violence, needed to be on side
5. Almost in control
Hitler was more confident
Has more power ­ Hindenburg ill, thus Hitler had more influence
Felt he could get away with big actions


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