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Theme Park Holidays…read more

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What are Theme Park Holidays?
· A Theme Park is a group of entertainment
attractions, rides and other events in an area for
the enjoyment of visitors and tourists,
· Theme parks have a fixed location,
· Suitable for all ages,
Why are they Popular?
· Provides a thrill seeking experience,
· Fun for all the family,
· Exciting and new,…read more

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Facts and Figures
· There are around 2,600 theme parks
operating in the world,
· More than 400 theme parks in America ­ over
290 million visitors a year,
· The top theme park in America ­ Orlando
· The top theme parks in England:
1) Alton Towers,
2) Blackpool Pleasure Beach,
3) Thorpe Park,…read more

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Case Study ­ Alton Towers
· Alton Towers - Middle
of England,
· SW of Sheffield,
· Based in a castle,
· Rated one of the best
theme parks in England
· 3 Million visitors in
· Maximum capacity is
3000 people a day
Access to all of the UK…read more

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Case Study ­ Alton Towers
A50 and A52 ­
Access to the
theme park
Location of Alton
Towers and the
surrounding areas
Layout of rides in the
theme park
Rivers and countryside
location…read more

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Case Study ­ Alton Towers
· Address: Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB,
· Opened: April 4, 1980,
· Area: 3.2 km²,
· It is the flagship attraction of Merlin
· 36 Attractions,
v=aY82C2QROKA…read more

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