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· There has been rapid economic growth in India in
recent years - the economy has grown by an average
of 7% per year since 1997
· India's growth has been the result of massive
investment in its tertiary industry sector and growing
quaternary sector.
· India has many highly skilled professionals whose
skills are in demand in the English-speaking world,
which can offer a range of other office based services
· India has focused on services including outsourcing
and off shoring (carrying out a service business
function in a country other than where it is produced).
· This includes call centres and financial services which for example is used by American express and
British airways as well as Royal and Sun alliance which moved call centre jobs to India in 2004
· By moving their services to India, TNCs cans ave a lot of money - the average salary in an Indian
call centre in 2003 was £1200 a year compared to £12,500 in the UK
· The movement of financial services overseas has seen a loss of jobs in western nationals
· Unions in the developed world are concerned about job losses and in some cases have pressurised
firms to bring back jobs to the USA and UK
· The service sector has become an important part of the Indian economy - in 2011 it accounted for
around 56% of GDP
· The Indian stock market, known as the MSCI India index, has risen 72.2% over the past 3 years.
Although the Indian market accounts for just 0.24% of global stock markets by value, a number of
analysts see it growing substantially.
· The growth of service industries in India has increased wealth and employment and improved
living standards
· A large proportion of the growth is from foreign investment by TNCs so the profits leave the
· The benefits and employment opportunities are mostly only available to the educated middle
classes, which increases the poverty gap between them and the lower classes
· There are concerns about standards of privacy and data protection in Indian IT companies
· Tata Consultancy Services, another large Indian IT company, operates in over 40 countries
worldwide and employs over 100,000 people. In 2007 it reported that it was to outsource Indian
jobs to Mexico because of a shortage of skilled operatives and the rising value of the rupee


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