newzealand oil spill

detailed infor abt the oil spill, its effects, the map location,;.....................

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New Zealand oil spill
Joan Nsimbi
The recent New Zealand oil spill.
The recent New Zealand oil spill happened in maritime New Zealand on
Wednesday. It had 25 crew members on board but none was injured. It is
estimated that 350 tonnes of oil may have leaked from the 775ft (236m)
Rena, which ran out of control and hit on the Astrolabe Reef off the port of
Tauranga. The authorities are trying to treat the birds that have been brought
in covered with oil including the little blue penguins. The disaster struck in the
middle of the bleeding season of the native birds which put the bio-diversity
on a risk. The ship is owned by Greece-based Costamare Inc. They have not
given any explanation for the disaster but said they were "co-operating fully
with local authorities" to minimise any damage.
The risks caused by the oil spill.
The risk of the oil spill was mainly engineered by the bad weather which
hampers the containment effort. The risks include;
There thousands of the native bird species that have been affected by
the oil spill.
The oil spill has spread over an area of 3 miles according to the reports.
It has also led to the marine environmental damage which is a home to
thousands of different ecosystems.
Precautions taken to control the amount of damage caused by the oil spill.
The international crew is trying to limit the amount of environmental
damage caused by trying to refloat the vessel before it breaks up.
The maritime authorities are said to be treating birds affected.
The team of 200 people including specialists from Australia, the UK,
the Netherlands and Singapore had been dispatched, and that 300
defense personnel were on standby in case the disaster reached the
North Island coastline.
Dispersants have been sprayed from the air on the slick which has not
been efficient due to bad weather.

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New Zealand oil spill
Joan Nsimbi
The New Zealand navy and salvaging crew is trying to pump off the
ship's fuel oil to safety before trying to free the ship.
Officials have closed affected beaches and warned people to stay
away from the shore.
The location of the place where the oil spill occurred.…read more


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