Newton's Three Laws

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Newton's three laws
Newton's 1st Law
`If an object has no resultant force acting on it, the object will continue to move at a constant speed in
the same direction or will stay stationary'.
A car moving at 50mph.
Newton's first law applies to the Bugatti Veyron because it is travelling at a constant speed of
50mph. The arrows show that the forces, forward thrust and friction are equal.
Newton's 2nd Law
`If a resultant force is applied to an object:
The speed of the object may change
The object may change direction'
A swing.

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Beyoncé is being pushed on a swing by her husband, Jay-Z. Newton's second law applies here
because all the forces on the swing were balanced when she was stationary. When Jay-Z applied a
resultant force to the swing this caused it to move/speed up.
Newton's 3rd Law
`Every action has an equal and opposite reaction'
A rocket.
Newton's third law applies to this rocket.
The burning fuel in the rocket is forced downwards meaning it exerts an equal but opposite force
onto the rocket.…read more


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