Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Port Moresby Case Study

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Port Moresby
Population: 190,000
Location: Latitude 55°N, North Bank of the Tyne, NE England
History: Roman Times ­ developed at a crossing point of the River Tyne
Middle Ages ­ northern fortress against the Scots
16C ­ Exporting Coal
19C ­ Shipbuilding and heavy engineering
Second half of 20C ­ Offices and retailing
Today ­ High order regional service centre
Form: Physically separated by the River Tyne but part of much larger Tyneside
Port Moresby
Population: 255,000
Location: Latitude 9°N, on shore of the Gulf of Papua, SE coast of New Guinea
History: 1880's established by British as a port and defensive space
1975 Became capital of Papua New Guinea
Toady Population doubled
Built up area spread beyond peninsular historic core
Form: Two parts `old' and `new' town. Growth of city has engulfed some villages,
becoming recognisable districts.


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