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LEFT REALISM (based on socialist ideas) - Left Realists argue that crime is rooted in social
inequality such as poverty, when these are reduced then so is crime. They pay more attention to
victims and public opinion unlike the New Criminology which pays little attention to victims.

Lea and Young-…

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RIGHT REALISM (based on conservative ideas)- go against the view that poverty is the cause of
crime as many people in poverty do not commit crimes. RR focus on predatory street crime such as
burglary, theft, robbery and murder (because the police focus on these crimes the most). Crime is…

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NEW RIGHT THEORY- concerned with the emergence of an underclass in society which are
responsible for a vast majority of crimes committed, this is due to their norms and values being
separate from mainstream society and their suffering of cultural deprivation.

Murray- welfare state is to blame for an underclass;…

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NEW CRIMINOLOGY- is a contemporary Marxist approach to crime and deviance developed by
Taylor. Based on the idea that criminologists should look at every aspect of crime in detail, including
the reasons behind criminal acts, the role played by the courts, police and mass media, and finally at
politics and…

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